پیام نور

aa 4

۲۰ شهریور ۱۳۹۶

aa 4 is our second “hello world” app for Android Phones and Tablets. i.e. aa 4 is like snake 3 on an old brick phone, it’s fundamental. aa 4 is a casual game for mobile devices, this is easy to play for all. The design of game is simply, included a big ball in the center and attack other small balls in this body. Each level of game have many small balls in the queue, player much be touch on screen to shoot there ball into the big ball, so as not to be collide the other balls or impediments. Some level have limited time, you much be finished game’s level before time up. You will pass the level if the ball’s queue is empty. The difficulty of the game depends on the number of balls in the queue, and rotation’s speed of the ball as well as the direction of rotation center. The rotational’s speed and direction of rotation can change abruptly in the game. Hope you liked this game with aa 4 new version.